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These reviews are given by individuals who are currently participating in the Husqvarna Automower® Test Pilot Programme. Any views and opinions expressed here on this website are those of the reviewers.

Westie / Age: 58 / City : Palmerston North

Husqvarna Automower 1 (The Cat)

So the Husqvarna Automower model 305 had been installed and was very quietly doing its first mow when it was spotted by my cat Huey...

Fiddo / Age : 55 / City : Mosgiel

Husqvarnva Automower Week 1

Very happy with the first week. Spring is here and the grass is growing quickly. It will be interesting watching how the Automower performs.

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  • Ease of use
  • Obstacles / slopes
  • Noise level
  • Security
  • Serviceability

by Nickname

aussietommy / Age : 70 / City : North Mackay

Husqvarna Automower sprinkled

It's hot here in the tropics and we haven't had rain for a couple of weeks so the lawn is crying out...

Beery / Age : 35 / City : Echuca

Husqvarna Automower - Setup in Spot...

Husqvarna Automower - 3 weeks after the install and the lawn is looking great with the exception of ...

Fiddo / Age : 55 / City : Mosgiel

Husqvarna Automower- No more trips ...

Three and a half months later we have not had to worry about any grass clippings to dispose of. The...

Chopper / Age : 50 / City : Townsville

Husqvarna Automower - A cut above t...

The mower produces a fine cut to encourage a thicker lawn growth. Life's a breeze if you have one of...

Jonathan Oxer / Age : 49 / City : Croydon South

Early results

I've had the Husqvarna Automower for just a few weeks, but we're already seeing the benefits! The ar...

Blackie / Age : 61 / City : Auckland

Husqvarna Automower - Small spaces

Apart from the dead patches in my lawn (which I caused by over fertilizing), My Automower is doing a...