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These reviews are given by individuals who are currently participating in the Husqvarna Automower® Test Pilot Programme. Any views and opinions expressed here on this website are those of the reviewers.

aussietommy / Age: 70 / City : North Mackay

Husqvarna Automower Installation

How exciting! The installation of the new Husqvarna Automower that will work away on my lawn while I sit back and watch! I've become a 'test pilot' for this fan...

Fiddo / Age : 55 / City : Mosgiel

Husqvarnva Automower Week 4# Rather play golf

Still very happy with the product. As spring comes on it is taking about two days to mow the whole section but at this stage it is keeping on top of it.

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  • Mowing quality
  • Ease of use
  • Obstacles / slopes
  • Noise level
  • Security
  • Serviceability

by Nickname

Henry Orbit / Age : 44 / City : Bargo

Week 10!

We have reached the 10 week mark with the Automower Test Pilot. It has really made life simple for t...

Vee / Age : 36 / City : Kanimbla

Husqvarna Automower: Power off secu...

The Husqvarna Automower has a clever feature where it stops working when there is no mains power eg ...

Henry Orbit / Age : 44 / City : Bargo

Week 6 and 7

We've been going for about 6 weeks now, and almost forget we even have it. EXCEPT for the fact we ha...

Grant / Age : 36 / City : Port Macquarie

Husqvarna Automower Week 3 Safety a...

It's week 3 and the Husqvarna Automower has settled in nicely. My wife has been concerned about safe...

Duk / Age : 58 / City : Kotara South

Sven comes a cropper

Sven gets caught on some pavers and slope edge and turns himself off. Easily sorted with a lift, PI...

Henry Orbit / Age : 44 / City : Bargo

Weeks 2 and 3

There are a few issues right now. First, the small yard area that we set up, is not visited by th...