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Husqvarna Automower® to the test.

These reviews are given by individuals who are currently participating in the Husqvarna Automower® Test Pilot Programme. Any views and opinions expressed here on this website are those of the reviewers.

Fiddo / Age: 55 / City : Mosgiel

Husqvarnva Automower Week 1

Very happy with the first week. Spring is here and the grass is growing quickly. It will be interesting watching how the Automower performs.

Jonathan Oxer / Age : 49 / City : Croydon South

Automower vs traditional manual mower

It's important to understand that the Automower isn't just like a regular mower that can also drive itself around. The entire usage profile is different, so you...

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  • Mowing quality
  • Ease of use
  • Obstacles / slopes
  • Noise level
  • Security
  • Serviceability

by Nickname

aussietommy / Age : 70 / City : North Mackay

Husqvarna Automower handling detrit...

This video shows how the Husqvarna Automower deals with gum leaves that had been falling over a peri...

Cool Dad / Age : 46 / City : Brisbane

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER Aussie Review w...

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER test pilot programme done in Brisbane Australia Test Pilot Website: www.au...

Callalaboy / Age : 51 / City : CALLALA BEACH

Automower beats Kangamower

The Automower has proven itself again, by maintaining the lawn, even when the weather is warming up,...

Duk / Age : 58 / City : Kotara South

Sven makes the wife happy...

Wife (Svens Mother) thinks that Sven has given me a renewed interest in the back yard. I suppose if...

Duk / Age : 58 / City : Kotara South

Top dressing for Sven

If an effort to green up the yard and promote some additional growth I do some top dressing.

Fiddo / Age : 55 / City : Mosgiel

Husqvarna Automower - Mooing the la...

Noise levels low and as you can see even the inquisitive cows in the paddock next door don't mind. ...